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You and three other characters wake up in a cave.

A voice calls to you from the void:
'Your quest is simple. Defeat the evil that sits atop the tower.'

And with that, the four of you make your way out of the cave in order to complete your Simple Quest.

Take control of four different characters with four different roles to play:

  • The bard, with her songs she can boost her allies' attack and defense.
  • The strongarm, with his mighty axe he can destroy any enemies in his way.
  • The drain mage, with his dark magic he can sap the enemies' attack and defense as well as manipulate his allies' MP.
  • The cleric, with her light magic she is responsible for keeping her allies alive and healthy.

Explore your surroundings to find chests that contain mods within them. Use these mods to boost your stats and grant elemental spells or skills depending on the wearer.

Defeat monsters to collect raw ingredients and then use them to create processed items to help you in battle.

Find out where you are.

And of course...

Complete The Simple Quest.


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The Simple Quest for Windows
The Simple Quest for Mac

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